SHANDONGTIANBAO Production and processing

Sheet processing and distribution
Mainly engaged in two major categories of hot-rolled coils and medium-thick plates, with an annual sales of 300,000 tons of plates. It is an agent of steel plants such as Tiangang, Shanxi Iron and Steel, Nippon Steel, Shougang, Tonggang, Benxi Iron and Steel, and China Railway. There are two hot-coiling flattening processing centers in Qingzhou and Weifang southern suburbs, equipped with 4 automatic decoiling, leveling and shearing production lines, with an annual flattening capacity of 250,000 tons, a flattening thickness of 1.5-18mm, and a flattening width of 600-2000mm. For the convenience of end users, we have warehouses in Weifang, Qingzhou, Tianjin, Boxing, Rizhao, and Jiaozhou to provide one-stop processing and distribution services.
Representative customers include Caterpillar-Sangong, JAC, Kama Motors, Longma Heavy Industries, Ensign, Luqing Petrochemical, Hongrun Petrochemical, Mingyu Heavy Industries, etc.

technology R & D
Taking the customer's needs as the starting point, focusing on the research of material process performance, giving full play to the potential of mold materials, and catering to the promotion and application of new materials and processes. Combining with the problems that occur during the use of the mold, establish relevant corporate standards and continuously optimize the mold manufacturing process. Relying on technical forces such as Daye Special Steel, Northeast Special Steel, Baosteel, Shandong University, etc., to create a technology research and development base that seamlessly connects customers and steel mills. This technology research and development base has various types of hardness testing, material chemical composition testing, and metallographic organization Analysis, impact test, mechanical performance test and mold failure analysis capabilities. The base has long-term hired domestic die steel experts as technical consultants.

Mold making
Using domestic high-quality mold steel materials such as Daye Special Steel and Dongbei Special Steel, and using advanced equipment (such as vacuum furnaces, etc.) processing and manufacturing technology to give full play to the excellent performance of mold materials, tap the potential of materials, and guarantee products The quality is at the advanced level of the same industry in China. It has various types of sawing machines, milling machines, EDM cutting, mold processing bases, heat treatment vacuum heating furnaces, vacuum tempering furnaces, etc. The surface of the mold product is clean, the hardness is uniform and the performance is stable. The annual production capacity of all kinds of die steel is more than 20,000 tons.

Brief Introduction of Shandong Tianbao Steel Processing Co., Ltd.
Shandong Tianbao Steel Processing Co., Ltd. was established on July 3, 2020 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The office is located in the south of the road 200 meters east of Wangsang Road, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province (Old Tianbao Institute). The company adheres to the business philosophy of "pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, while contributing to the progress and development of mankind and society", based in Shandong and spreading across the country.
Shandong Tianbao Steel Processing Co., Ltd. is an important part of the "One Body, Two Wings" overall plan of Shandong Xintianbao Smart Supply Chain Co., Ltd. The company is based on the production and processing of mold steel, silver bright steel, plate and other businesses. At present, the corresponding mold manufacturing base, Yinliang steel processing and distribution base and technology research and development base have been established, aiming to win the trust of customers with lean products and caring services.
The company started late, but its development momentum is strong. The establishment of a steel processing base and a trading company has enabled the company’s business to cover integrated services such as trade, processing, R&D, logistics, warehousing, transportation, finance, information, and supply chain in addition to steelmaking, and become the company’s entire steel chain An important piece of the puzzle for development.

Silver bright steel processing and distribution
The professional high-quality special steel production base in Shandong Province, which mainly includes peeling machines, precision leveling machines, shot blasting machines, combined drawing machines, centerless grinders, polishing machines, cutting machines, sawing machines and other equipment.
The main varieties of silver bright steel include high-quality carbon steel, composite steel, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, etc., which are currently successfully used in piston rods, gas springs, shafts, screws, connecting rods, bolts, mechanical accessories and other fields , Has been well received by the market, adhering to the concept of happy employees, repaying the society, focusing on the silver bright material business, carefully producing excellent products, and building the silver bright material world brand concept, sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to discuss cooperation. 

Shandong Tianbao

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