SHANDONGTIANBAO Brief Introduction of Steel Leopard Logistics

Brief Introduction of Steel Leopard Logistics
With the mission of "24-hour direct station", it carries the two functions of "Quick Steel Network" smart supply chain online car-hailing and smart warehouse.
Relying on a platform-based, data-based transportation and storage network, it achieves high-efficiency, low-cost, and end-to-end matching of steel products. Steel Leopard Logistics has realized the online real-time matching function of transportation demand. Users and trucks can be matched quickly, and the freight process can be tracked throughout the whole process, so that users can understand the logistics dynamics in real time.
Gangbao Logistics focuses on road transportation, with road, rail and water combined transportation based in Shandong and spreading across the country. The annual carrying capacity is 3.5 million tons, more than 2,800 cooperative vehicles, more than 20 special lines, and more than 30 logistics nodes. The core mode is the direct delivery between the steel mill and the terminal, and the latter one kilometer delivery centered on the warehouse. The storage network has four warehouses in Qingzhou, Linyi, Laiwu, and Tianjin as nodes, with steel mills, logistics centers, and industrial clusters as sub-nodes, covering the Bohai Rim and Yangtze River Delta regions. The annual storage throughput exceeds 1 million tons.

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